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Investment Process 

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Our investment process at One Summit Capital is guided by a comprehensive approach that encompasses investment policy, rigorous due diligence, thoughtful selection, strategic portfolio construction, and ongoing monitoring and rebalancing.

We begin by establishing a clear investment policy that outlines our objectives, risk tolerance, and guidelines. This policy serves as a roadmap for our investment decisions and ensures alignment with our clients' goals.

With a focus on selecting high-quality investment managers, we carefully construct portfolios that reflect our clients' specific objectives and risk profiles. We diversify across asset classes, sectors, and geographies to mitigate risk and capture growth opportunities. Our goal is to build portfolios that provide a well-balanced mix of investments suited to our clients' individual needs.

Once portfolios are constructed, we continuously monitor their performance and make necessary adjustments. We closely track market trends, company news, and economic developments to ensure our portfolios remain in line with our investment strategy. Regular monitoring allows us to seize opportunities, manage risks, and make informed decisions to optimize our clients' returns.

In addition, we actively rebalance portfolios to maintain the desired asset allocation or when clients’ circumstances change. As market conditions evolve, asset classes may shift in value, leading to deviations from the initial allocation. Through strategic rebalancing, we realign portfolios to their target allocations, ensuring they remain in line with our clients' long-term investment objectives

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Investment Strategies

At One Summit Capital, we employ a range of investment strategies designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Our strategies include active managers and funds, passive strategies, hedged strategies, and alternative investments.

We recognize the value of active management and employ skilled portfolio managers who actively research, analyze, and select investments to generate alpha and outperform the market. Through active managers and funds, we aim to capitalize on market inefficiencies and take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise.

Passive strategies, on the other hand, seek to replicate the performance of a specific market index or asset class. These strategies offer diversification and cost-effectiveness by tracking the market rather than actively selecting individual investments. We utilize passive strategies to provide clients with broad market exposure and consistent returns.

Hedged strategies are designed to mitigate risk and protect portfolios from market downturns. These strategies employ techniques such as short-selling, options, and derivatives to offset potential losses and provide downside protection. Hedged strategies help preserve capital and enhance risk-adjusted returns during volatile market conditions.

In addition to traditional asset classes, we can offer alternative investments to diversify portfolios and seek unique opportunities. Alternative investments, such as real estate, infrastructure, private equity, and private debt offer low correlation to traditional markets and can provide potential sources of alpha and income generation.

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