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One Summit Capital

Welcome to One Summit Capital, your trusted partner in investment management. As an independent firm registered with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) as a Portfolio Manager, we specialize in providing excellentl discretionary portfolio management services.

At One Summit Capital, we cater to the unique needs of ultra-high net worth families and investors, offering personalized solutions that align with their financial goals. As a Family Office, we understand the importance of preserving and growing wealth for generations to come, and we are committed to delivering tailored strategies that reflect our clients' specific circumstances and aspirations.

With a team of seasoned professionals, we combine extensive expertise and a deep understanding of the financial markets to guide our clients in making informed investment decisions. Our approach is built on a foundation of trust, transparency, and fiduciary responsibility, ensuring that our clients' best interests are always at the forefront.

As your dedicated investment partner, we leverage our partners research capabilities and utilize a disciplined investment process to identify opportunities and manage risk effectively. Our aim is to optimize returns while maintaining a focus on capital preservation, providing peace of mind and long-term financial success for our esteemed clients.

Whether you seek to diversify your portfolio, enhance investment performance, or navigate complex financial landscapes, One Summit Capital is here to provide the guidance and expertise you need. Join us on a journey towards achieving your financial objectives and securing a prosperous future.

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At One Summit Capital, our mission is to provide disciplined portfolio management services that enable our clients to preserve and grow their wealth. As dedicated portfolio managers, we understand the weight of our fiduciary duty and always prioritize our clients' best interests.

As proud CFA charterholders, and candidates, we uphold the highest ethical standards set by the CFA Institute. We annually attest to our compliance with the CFA Institute Code and Standards, which serve as the global benchmark for ethical conduct in the investment profession. To ensure our practices align with the latest ethical guidelines, we continuously stay updated on the evolving standards.

In line with our dedication to ethics, we have adopted the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code™, which outlines the ethical and professional responsibilities of organizations managing assets on behalf of clients. This code covers areas such as loyalty to clients, investment process and actions, trading, risk management, compliance and support, performance reporting and valuation, and disclosures.

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Our Team

Adriana Arrillaga, CFA, FCSI

CEO & Portfolio Manager

Adriana is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in the investment management industry. With 15 years as a Portfolio Manager, she has successfully handled institutional mandates for pension funds. Adriana has worked with top Canadian investment firms and asset managers, serving pension funds, ultra-high net worth families, and individual investors. As a CFA Charter-holder and a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute, she upholds the highest standards in her field. Adriana is also actively involved in promoting women's financial education and has established a scholarship to encourage female students to pursue their CFA designation

Jessica Younes, CFA, MBA:

CIO & Associate Portfolio Manager

Jessica Younes-Fraiberger, CFA, MBA, is a highly accomplished investment management professional. With her degree from the prestigious Colombia Business School, Jessica serves as the Head of Investment and Financing at Bloomwest Capital, where she is a Partner. She brings extensive knowledge of finance and investment management, enabling her to consistently deliver exceptional value to her clients and stakeholders. Jessica is also a Board Member and a member of the Audit Committee at CFA Montreal, further showcasing her dedication to the investment management profession.


Erika Toth, CFA: Investment Committee-Advisory-ETFs:

Erika Toth, CFA, is a Director at BMO ETFs and an alumni of Concordia University. With expertise in ETFs, equities, indexing, derivatives, and fixed income, Erika plays a crucial role in expanding BMO's Exchange Traded Fund business in Eastern Canada. She builds external partnerships with institutions, investment counsellors, and portfolio managers, providing direction, planning, and sales support for the ETF and mutual fund product line-up. Erika excels at simplifying complex financial concepts and effectively communicates with investors to ensure their understanding and satisfaction.

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